The cake comes in 24 different colours and a whole load of possibilities!

Our resident oshikatsu expert Ninoude Punico knows that the most important day in any self respecting superfan’s calendar is their oshi’s birthday (‘oshi’ being the term referring to a superfan’s favourite character or idol).

For Punico, that special day just so happened to fall quite recently, as August 20th was the birthday of Rika Shikamura, a member of idol group BEYOOOOONDS. Rika is Punico’s oshi, and so our resident otaku was keen to celebrate her birthday in style.

Obviously, no real birthday celebrations are complete without cake, and Punico needed to find the perfect cake to properly celebrate with. Luckily, online order-made cake shop Cake With had just what she was looking for.

Cake With offers over 50,000 possible combinations for you to play with to make your ideal cake. There are three shapes to choose from — circular, heart-shaped and square. You can also choose from 24 different colours for your cake base.

▼ The 24 different colours you can choose for the cake base.

The wide range of colours is particularly great for superfans and otaku, as most idol groups or anime franchises assign members and characters with specific ‘image colours’. Rika’s image colour is lavender, and as luck would have it there were four different shades of purple for Punico to choose from. She opted for ‘dreamy purple’ for the cake base, with a ‘provocative purple’ shade for the frilly cream trim.

Designing the look and feel of the cake was a lot of fun, and you can preview how your cake will look with every custom option. When Punico was satisfied she’d made the perfect cake, she ordered it.

The cake arrived a few days later, and even before she’d opened the box Punico was already feeling excited. The box had a kind of retro American vibe to it, making the packaging alone already pretty Instagrammable.

The cake was just as photogenic, and was exactly as Punico had imagined it when she was designing it. As well as the frilled cream frosting, Punico had added some cherries and silver dragées on top. The message was customisable as well, and Punico went with the double layered option.

The side of the cake had some more customisable options, so Punico went with a simple yet charming design, with white icing draped along the side with some more frilly cream along the bottom in a light pink colour. It was beautiful and classy, with just a hint of mischievousness — just like her oshi! Punico was over the moon.

To be able to make such a good-looking cake from a seemingly infinite amount of customisable possibilities… Punico was really impressed.

It seemed almost a waste to ruin such a beautiful work of art, so with an air of regret Punico cut herself a slice. The filling inside was customisable too, and she’d added some strawberries in the middle.

The cake itself was a shortcake, and had a delicate sweetness that Punico enjoyed. There was a lot of creamy filling, but it went well with the light, fluffy shortcake. The strawberry layer was a delicious addition to the cake, too.

The prices vary depending on the design of the cake and any customisations you want to add. A circular cake base costs 3,500 yen, a square cake 4,000 and a heart shaped cake 5,000. The cakes come in various sizes too, ranging from a circumference of 12 centimeters (4.7 inches) to 30 centimeters, although the larger sizes aren’t able to be delivered and will instead need to be picked up at Cake With’s Shinjuku branch in downtown Tokyo.

All in all, Punico was thrilled to bits with her personalised birthday cake, and thinks this would be a perfect way for otaku to show off appreciation for their oshi on their birthday. It’s certainly more appealing than the idea of eating their hair, anyway.

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