Elegant patterns have auspicious meaning, hidden Valentine’s Day surprises.

Kanou Shoujuan is getting set to release Kokoroyose Yui, a breathtaking collection of classical Japanese patterns rendered in a soothing yet engaging color palate. But these works of art aren’t kimono fabrics to wrap yourself in or paintings to hang on your wall, they’re sweets to pop in your mouth.

Kokoroyose Yui is a set of monaka, a Japanese wafer dessert. Typically, the wafers are a plain golden brown, but Kanou Shoujuan, which is a confectioner based in Shiga Prefecture, has instead created 10 intricate illustrations for theirs. Not only are they all beautiful, they each have an auspicious meaning as well.

▼ For example, kobukuzakura flowers (second from the left), which have multiple fruits on one flower, are seen as a symbol of being blessed with many children.

It’s not just the way the Kokoroyose Yui look that makes them unique, but their fillings too. Monaka are usually filled with anko (sweet red beans), but Kokoroyose Yui have chocolate in the inside. In keeping with the Japanese nature of their aesthetics, the chocolate is infused with either matcha green tea from Uji in Kyoto Prefecture or kinoko (roasted soybean powder).

▼ The pair of butterflies is meant to represent a happy married couple, and their metamorphosis from egg to larva and then pup before maturity a metaphor for longevity.

As an extra playful touch, the patterns also include heart shapes subtly blended into them, since Kokoroyose Yui is going on sale in time for Valentine’s Day.

Kokoroyose Yui is being offered in packs of three, five, or ten monaka, priced at 810 yen (US$6.20), 1,188 yen, and 2,484 yen respectively. They’ll be available from January 19 to February 14 at Kanou Shoujuan shops across Japan and through the company’s online store.

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Source: @Press via Japaaan
Top image: Kanou Shoujuan
Insert images: @Press, Kanou Shoujuan
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