JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure shows off its fashionable side with lingerie inspired by Stone Ocean protagonist Jolyne Cujoh.

Though “bizarre” is the franchise’s marque adjective, there’s no ignoring how fashionable JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is. Creator Hirohiko Araki has a remarkable talent for combining dramatic poses, bold hairstyling, and expressive apparel, giving the anime/manga series an instantly recognizable singular aesthetic.

JoJo’s sense of fashion is coming into our world too this month, thanks to a tie-up with the Japanese division of lingerie maker Bradelis New York. With Stone Ocean, the most recent part of the source material to be adapted by the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime TV series, having wrapped up in December, Bradelis has released a bra, panty, and garter belt set based on the costume worn by Stone Ocean protagonist Jolyne Cujoh.

Like many of the prominent characters of the franchise, Jolyne has a Stand, a supernatural entity who accompanies and assists her on her bizarre adventures. Jolyne’s Stand, named Stone Free, grants her the power to unravel her physical form into strands, which Bradelis’ designers have referenced with their use of stretched raschel lace.

More overt nods to the character can be found in the bra choker’s butterfly emblem, which also appears at the pack of the panties, which matches the motif on Jolyne’s chest.

And for fans in the know, there’s also a heart on the bra’s left shoulder strap, aligning with the location where Jolyne and her fellow Joestar clan JoJo’s protagonists share a family birthmark.

The green version pictured above most closely matches the hue of Jolyne’s costume, but you can also opt for orange or black.

The JoJo’s Collaboration Jolyn Model, as the lineup is officially called, is on sale now with the bra priced at 8,800 yen (US$68), and the panties and garter belt 4,400 yen each. They’re available through the Bradelis New York Japan online shop here, as well as select physical stores in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sendai.

Source: Bradelis New York Japan via IT Media
Top image: Bradelis New York Japan
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