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With their dramatic posing, frenetic accessorizing, and manic shouting, you could easily arrive at the conclusion that the cast of long-running manga and anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures is one seriously over-caffeinated set of super powered bare-knuckle brawlers.

Don’t expect Jojo and company to settle down anytime soon, though, as the characters created by artist Hirohiko Araki are set to grace cans of Coca-Cola Japan’s Georgia coffee this summer.

While it can’t quite match Jojo’s 27-year track record of consistent popularity, Georgia’s coffee is no slouch itself. In the 20 years since it went on sale, the beverage line’s Emerald Mountain Blend has fought its way to the top of the canned coffee market in Japan.

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But while its caffeine content might wake you up, the subdued artwork and color scheme isn’t going to get your heart racing. Thankfully, if you’re in need of more of a visual eye-opener, on June 24 you can get your coffee fix from cans adorned with illustrations of the Jojo’s crew.

Four different designs are available, each at the regular Georgia price of 115 yen (US$1.13) cans. For ordinary Emerald Mountain Blend, you’ve got your choice between Jotaro Kujo and his grandfather, Joseph Joestar.

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Jotaro also appears on cans of the low-sugar version of Georgia’s Emerald Mountain Blend, as does ally Jean Pierre Polnareff.

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As part of the promotion, convenience stores in Japan will also be offering bundled sets of a can of coffee with a can-shaped speaker for 554 yen.


As an added treat, plugging a smartphone will trigger the speaker’s augmented reality function, causing a Stand, the Jojo’s cast’s ghost-like alter egos/combat partners, to manifest, according to the vaguely worded information Georgia has released thus far.


Of course, it’s not really Jojo’s until returning antagonist Dio Brando suddenly shows up. Fans who purchase the coffee-speaker combo set between June 23 and August 31 can send in the attached proof of purchase to be entered for a chance to be one of 1,000 lucky winner of either a Jotaro or Dio t-shirt, plus a whole case of special Dio cans of Emerald Mountain Blend Black.

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That much caffeine ought to keep the winners screaming “Wryyyy!” for quite some time.

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