Will people really think you’re trendy, or will they just wonder if you got dressed in the dark?

As we mentioned in a previous article reporting on one magazine’s interesting fashion suggestion, wearing your bra over a T-shirt is (supposedly) a great new look. According to Sweet, the black-bra-over-white-t-shirt monochrome scheme works surprisingly well. And, let’s face it, sometimes you just want to show off how cute your underwear is…right?

So, one of our daring Japanese writers decided to spend a day trying out this intimate trend. For a whole work day in the super busy metropolis of Tokyo, she wore a bra — a cute one, at that — over her t-shirt to see just what kind of reactions she would get.

Without further ado, here is A Day in the Life of an Unusual Japanese Fashion Trend.

Phase One: Choosing a super cute bra

▼ Our writer went with this excellent black lace bra. It fits the monochrome scheme perfectly.


Phase Two: Getting on the train to work and immediately wishing you could hide yourself somehow

“Did she oversleep and get dressed in the wrong order?” “What are these crazy kids doing?” These may be some of the things people wondered as they tries to process the image of Woman in Bra over T-shirt.

▼ Don’t worry! She made it to work safely…just pretty embarrassed.


Phase Three: Comparing female coworkers’ reactions to male coworkers’

“That’s so adorable!” “I want to try it!” were some of the ladies’ reactions. “How bold! I’d never be brave enough to do that!”

The boys, on the other hand…

“Is it okay that everyone knows your bra size now?”

Oh. That’s something we didn’t think about.

▼ The boys also said they’d be pretty embarrassed to be walking with us wearing that.


Phase Four: When no one states the obvious…

The most surprising thing about the day? There was not one person who said, “I can see your bra, you know…” I mean, sure, everyone was probably thinking it, but one of the nice things about Japan is that the sheer diversity of fashion makes it difficult to shock people much anymore.

The Results

Our Day in the Life of an Unusual Japanese Fashion Trend wasn’t all that bad. It was pretty embarrassing at first, but strangely liberating once you get used to it.

▼ We even thought we were perfect for gracing the pages of fashion magazines!


Are you going to try out the “Bra over T-shirt” trend? What crazy fashion trends have you pulled off before? We’d love to hear about your experience!

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