Besides being cute, these felines also lend a paw in running their respective establishments.

In connection with Japan’s Cat Day on February 22, travel information and news site Jalan News shared the results of a survey it conducted from January 10-12 about cats. It wasn’t about just any cats, however, but specifically the “poster cats” of various hotels, traditional Japanese ryokan inns, and other lodging establishments across the country. Ultimately, 1,078 participants collectively chose the top three cats that site users would most want to meet in real life while traveling. Let’s take a peek at the pawsitively purrfect winners, shall we?

Third place: Choco (“Chocolate”)
Sakihana Onsen Kahan no Yado Hekisuiso (咲花温泉 河畔の宿 碧水荘), Niigata Prefecture

Our third place winner, Choco, enjoys meeting lots of new people every day at Sakihana Onsen’s Hekisuiso. In fact, he’s even tasked with welcoming and seeing off guests at check-in and check-out times. Whether he’s playing with children or posing for pictures, it’s sometimes easy to forget that Choco is a cat!

▼ Choco

Second place: Kiiro (“Yellow”)
Sarugakyo Onsen Dining Ryokan Higuchi (猿ヶ京温泉 料理旅館 樋口), Gunma Prefecture

The older brother of a pair of siblings rescued two years ago, Kiiro is charged with greeting all guests at reception and taking care of them throughout their stays at Ryokan Higuchi. Even better, if you let the staff know that you’d like a personal visit, they’ll even take him to your room. Kiiro wasn’t taught how to do any of these things–he’s just a natural hotel manager at heart.

▼ Kiiro

First place: Rabu (“Love”)
Tsukikage no Oka Hotel Villa Katsuyama Avail (月影の丘ホテル ヴィラ勝山アヴェール), Chiba Prefecture

The No. 1 hotel cat that survey takers would like to meet is Katsuyama Avail’s Rabu! Rabu gets his name from a heart-shaped marking on his back. Besides that amazing charm point, he’s extremely sociable and may try to climb up your legs if you ignore his meows for pets. He has even been known to not allow his favorite guests to check out on more than one occasion. Some guests voice that he’s definitely given them a boost for their love lives.

▼ Rabu

It’s clear from the survey results that Choco, Kiiro, and Rabu are beloved by hotel staff, guests, and locals alike. Why not try to hit up all three on your next travels? Or, if you already have a feline friend of your own, maybe you’d prefer to book a stay in another kind of cat-friendly hotel.

Source: Jalan News
Top image: PR Times (edited by SoraNews24)
Insert images: PR Times 
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