Rooms will come with all of the necessary kitty amenities to ensure you and your cat companion can travel in contentment.

Besides its relative proximity to Universal Studios Japan, “bayside urban resort hotel” Hyatt Regency Osaka, located in Osaka’s Nankokita district, will soon have another draw of its own–cat-friendly hotel rooms that will be available to book from February 1. 

The release of the new rooms follows in the pawprints of its dog-friendly hotel rooms that first became available in 2021. It’s also partly in response to the number of cat owners in Japan increasing since the start of the pandemic, which may now cause owners to feel bad when leaving their furry friend behind to travel.

▼ The special cat-friendly deluxe twin rooms are quite spacious at 40 square meters (431 square feet).

Perhaps the crowning feature of each room is a large cat tower over two meters in height with plenty of platforms for kitties to lounge on.

Another highlight is a cat hammock attached to the window, from which you and your kitty can gaze out at the waterfront view together.

A luxurious cat bed also offers a bit of privacy for cats that just want a little catnap in peace.

In addition, a scratching post, nail clippers, corrugated cardboard, and toys are also at you and your cat’s disposal. Forget exploring the city–this room has everything you need to enjoy a quick getaway!

No vacation would be complete without some fine dining, and luckily, Hyatt Regency Osaka also offers an incredible room service menu geared towards cats and dogs. The menu includes delectable-sounding Daisendori chicken meatballs, deer pot-au-feu, fish, and vegetable dishes that your pet can enjoy while you (presumably) order off of the human menu yourself.

By the way, the dog-friendly hotel rooms similarly feature a dog bed, food bowls, toilet sheets, cleaning supplies, paw wipes, and custom hotel doggie clothes in small or medium sizes. There’s also a lovely walking path around the hotel for you and your dog to take a stroll by the harbor.

Hyatt Regency Osaka’s cat-friendly hotel rooms cost 33,561 yen (US$257.69) per night and are limited to one cat per room.

If you’re not a cat owner yourself, you might instead be interested in booking a night at Osaka’s cat hotel, which offers a purrfect “cat view” as you drift off to sleep.

Hotel information
Hyatt Regency Osaka / ハイアット リージェンシー 大阪
Address: Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Suminoe-ku, Nankokita 1-13-11
大阪府大阪市住之江区南港北 1-13-11

Source, images: PR Times
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