CEO of virtual YouTuber agency found himself sleeping in a cavernous room that dwarfed his tiny bed, to the delight of netizens.

In the hustle and bustle of moving around Japan, there are times when you might be caught out without a hotel. Thankfully, Japan is one of the better places to be stranded without lodgings if you’re in a big city. Call around enough and you’ll be sure to find a capsule hotel, a themed rest area or even a comfy manga cafe to rest your head in.

Daichi Tsukamoto, the CEO of Nagoya-based corporation DUO, was in one such pickle while traveling through Osaka. After frantic calls around the area he did find somewhere to lay himself down, although the dimensions of the room he ended up staying in were a tad unorthodox.

Tsukamoto tweeted:

“I was traveling to Osaka and realized at the last moment that I’d forgotten to book a hotel. I called hotel after hotel, but they were all full on the Saturday night I needed a room…

But one lone hotel gave me this answer: “
We have one Japanese-style room available, though it may prove to be
a little spacious for the needs of one customer on their own.”

I checked in and here we are.”

Clearly this room is ordinarily intended for a huge party of guests, maybe while furnished with a long table in the middle so that everyone can confer face to face. Tsukamoto’s small futon, made up for a single person, looks comically out-sized by the gigantic room around it. What is this, a hotel room for a giant?

As animators and illustrators sometimes struggle with realistic perspective for rooms, it was the perfect time to make some jokes at their expense.

“Reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Another commenter recognized the room configuration from their youth!

“You know, back in elementary and junior high school, we had a name for a big room with no dividing walls or doors, with that exact brand of tile flooring. We called it a multi-purpose hall. You stayed in a multi-purpose hall.”

Other highlights ran the gamut from disbelief at the hotel’s underselling of the room’s size to suggestions for how to use the space.

“You could throw a hell of a party in there.”
“Sure, ‘a little’ spacious.”

“This photo just makes me feel like I was the first one to hear the evacuation order and got into the emergency hall first…”
“It’s just a conference room!”
“Where’s the toilet? The TV? The bathing facilities?”

Maybe Tsukamoto could have livened all that dead space up by inviting some of his virtual YouTuber talent to come spend the time with him. His agency Entum does include Mirai Akari, a popular virtual idol designed by the artist of Hatsune Miku, so she could probably draw enough fans and friends to fill that room up.

Let this be a lesson to all of us going forward: if you want to avoid staying in a gargantuan conference room, make sure to book your hotel or ryokan room well in advance!

Source: Twitter/@daichi_duo via Hachima Kikou
Featured image: Pakutaso