Two men test the limits of Japanese customer service.

Japanese customer service has acquired a well-deserved reputation as being among the finest in the world. Even still, there are some requests you really shouldn’t expect companies to comply with, like the one made last month by a pair of men in the town of Izumo, Shimane Prefecture.

The two men, both 20 years old, had rented a car and then returned it to the rental agency. After they dropped the car off and left, though, they called the agency with an urgent message:

“We forgot something in the car. We’re coming to pick it up, so don’t you dare look at what’s inside of it.”

It’s a command both suspicious and impolite, and so the rental agency staff promptly went to check the car. Inside, they found a sealable pouch, and inside that they found 15 bags of some sort of plant parts. Figuring the men wouldn’t have said “don’t you dare look at what’s inside” if these were just oregano packets, the rental agency contacted the police, telling them “While checking the interior of a car that as returned, we found what seem to be drugs.”

Although the two men had said they were on their way back to the rental office, the police still managed to get there first, perhaps because having already dropped off the car, the men had to walk while the cops could roll up quickly in their squad car. Once the men arrived, the police asked them to come back to the station, where an analysis was performed on the contents of the bags. Sure enough, they contained cannabis, roughly 13 grams (0.46 ounces) in total, and the following day the two men were placed under arrest for possession with intent to sell.

One man admitted to the charges, while the other denies he was planning to sell the drugs. However, both of them did admit to the charges of being in possession of 2 grams of cannabis with intent to sell in the parking lot of an Izumo convenience store on March 7, the night before they returned their rental car, following their arrest for that incident, on March 29.

Hopefully this series of events will persuade the two men to give up their illicit business ambitions. Not only does the Japanese legal system not take cannabis-related crimes lightly, the two men also just appear to be really, really bad at it, as they’re now up to four times getting arrested while apparently not having made enough drug money to buy their own car.

Source: BSS Sanin Hoso via Yahoo! Japan News via Jin
Top image: Pakutaso
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