Speaking positively about marijuana online leads to arrest of Japanese man and woman

Many surprised by the arrests over 800 pro-weed comments in a veritable “crime of passion.”

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Hokkaido wild marijuana removal efforts can’t keep up with rate of growth

Plants refuse to stay down, continue to grow high.

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New hemp mascot character Asamiko-chan appears in Japan

With her own official Twitter account and a town in Tottori Prefecture behind her, Japan’s first ever cannabis character comes dressed as a pink-haired shrine maiden.

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In Hokkaido there’s weed, weed everywhere, but not a drop to smoke

Japan tends to be a very drug-shy country. Most people you talk to will say that they’ve never gone anywhere near substances like marijuana, and according to a Public Library of Science survey, 98 times out of 100 they’re telling you the truth.

And yet you might be surprised to hear that there is an abundance of cannabis growing wild all over the northern island of Hokkaido. But before you go booking a ticket, you may want to learn why.

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