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If you’ve been waiting for Disney to come up with new ideas to make their parks at Tokyo Disney Resort even more awesome than they already are, then your wish has just been answered! That’s right, Disney fans will have something big to look forward to as several new themes for the redevelopment of both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea were announced this week. And not surprisingly, part of the plans include a new area with a Frozen theme (we were wondering when that was coming). So, let’s see what Disney has in store for us.

According to the release from park operator Oriental Land Co., Ltd., redevelopment plans for Tokyo Disneyland include a huge overall revamping of Fantasyland. This will include new areas with Beauty and the Beast as well as Alice in Wonderland themes, and the renovations will make Fantasyland almost double its current area. It seems parts of Tomorrowland will also be renovated in conjunction with the expansion of Fantasyland.

▼ Concept image of the Beauty and the Beast themed area that will be a part of the renewed Fantasyland in Tokyo Disneyland

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▼ There will also be an Alice in Wonderland themed area added to the new Fantasyland.

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For Tokyo DisneySea, the plans are to build a new port with a Scandinavian theme tied in with the mega-hit movie Frozen. When completed, it will become the eighth themed port in Tokyo DisneySea and will include areas where guests will be able to experience the world of Frozen. Can’t you already hear the kids going wild with excitement and singing “Let it Go” in the Scandinavian setting (whether that makes you smile or drives you crazy, well, that’s up to you)? The new port will be located next to the Lost River Delta and will be approximately the same size as the current Arabian Coast.

▼ The new port in Tokyo DisneySea that will have a Scandinavian theme inspired by Frozen
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It will be a while before we can actually see these new areas and attractions, as all of this is scheduled to open after 2017. The redevelopments are part of a previously announced plan for Oriental Land to invest roughly 500 billion yen (US$4.2 billion) in its theme park business over the next 10 years, so we probably have more to look forward to in the coming years from the masters of magic and enchantment. Oriental Land has announced that further details concerning the new Fantasyland and Scandinavian-themed port will be made available later this year.

It looks like the renovations and additions at the two Disney parks will be huge, and we’re sure fans can’t wait to hear more about the new areas. Although we hate to think about how enormous the crowds will be once the redevelopment is complete, especially for the Frozen area, we can’t blame fans for being excited about such a huge project.  We’ll certainly be keeping watch as more information comes out!

Source: Oriental Land Co., Ltd. press release
Images: Tokyo Disney Resort Photo Library, © Disney