No new park is coming, but there are still some exciting developments in store for Tokyo Disney!

Last year word got out that Oriental Land, the company that owns the rights to Tokyo Disney Resort, was planning a 300 billion-yen (US$2.6-million) expansion of the Tokyo Disney park area. Many Disney fans held on to the hope that they were using that money to build a whole new third park, in addition to the already thriving Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea.

Sadly, that turned out to be only a rumor, because it’s recently been announced that instead that money will be used on additions to the resort area as well as to both of the existing parks.

▼ Tokyo Disney recently celebrated its 35th Anniversary.

On November 28, the company unveiled plans to build a new hotel in Tokyo Disney Resort, which will be themed off of the Disney/Pixar film Toy Story, possibly one of the most beloved Disney franchises of all time. The entire hotel will be designed from the inside out to look like it’s made up of toys, as if each guest has stepped into the world of Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Even the garden and the exterior of the building will apparently be decked out Toy Story style!

Each of the rooms will be decorated like Andy’s room, and will be filled with colorful furniture and decorations. In spite of the fact that they are part of a resort hotel, Oriental Land has said that the rooms will be very affordable because they will be of a standardized size.

The building is expected to be 11 stories tall, with an extra basement level, and will have as many as 600 rooms, which is plenty of space to accommodate the growing number of visitors to Tokyo Disney. There will, of course, also be specialized restaurants, which makes it all the more exciting for Disney fans. It’s expected to be finished in 2021, so keep your eyes peeled for future announcements!

▼ With a new Toy Story moving coming out next summer, the announcement comes with pretty good timing!

That’s not the only news Oriental Land announced, either; part of the 300 billion yen update also includes new areas for both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea parks! That means new rides, new restaurants, new shows, and new photo opportunities for all to enjoy. They haven’t announced what the themes for the new areas will be yet, but they did say that the one in Tokyo Disneyland will be opening in 2020, perhaps in time for the Olympics, while Disney Sea’s will open in 2022.

With such exciting developments on the way, it makes me want to book my Christmas and New Year’s plans at Tokyo Disney this year. I wonder what kind of holiday festivities the new sections will hold?

Top/Featured Image: YouTube/Disney Pixar