It looks like Mister Pizza is here to stay.

You may recall that Mister Donut did the unexpected and released a limited series of pizzas at select branches in Japan in 2021. Not only are those pizzas available at all Mister Donut branches now, but they’re also completely revamped. On October 4, Mister Donut released their Pizzatta menu nationwide.

▼ Here are the pizzas we tried a couple of years ago, to refresh your memory.

▼ And here’s the new menu: Pizzatta.

Unlike the delectable, round pizzas we tried in 2021, these Pizzatta are rectangular and come in packaging that makes them easy to eat on the go. They come in two flavors: Margherita and Quattro Cheese. Our own P.K. Sanjun made his way to his local Mister Donut and purchased the Pizzattas without hesitation.

The first brownie points for this new menu item in P.K.’s eyes were that the pocket-like packaging meant he didn’t have to get his fingers greasy while eating it.

The box came with instructions to open the Pizzatta box along the perforated line and fold it back, almost like a Pocky chocolate box.

Like the Mister Donut Pizza we tried in 2021, the crust was decidedly and satisfyingly chewy. In fact, there wasn’t an ounce of crunch, which meant fewer crumbs for P.K.

▼ The Margherita Pizzatta

▼ The Quattro Cheese Pizzatta

The Margherita Pizzatta had strong notes of tomato and basil, and the Quattro Cheese had a comforting and familiar flavor. Size-wise, P.K. would say that eating one Pizzatta would be like eating two Mister Donut donuts.

His only concern about the Pizzatta is that he doesn’t think it could make for a full meal. It’s perfect for a snack, but you may need two, three, or even four Pizzatta to feel completely satiated. It was, however, just enough to satisfy his craving for pizza.

In conclusion, P.K. would recommend giving the Pizzatta a try, and perhaps ordering something with it like Mister Donut’s instant ramen to make it a full meal. If you’re looking for an easy-to-eat, chewy-crust pizza, they should hit the spot.

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