Mister Donut stores across Japan have been transporting customers to Brooklyn since the beginning of the year, with a special line-up of hybrid sweets and beverages and even dedicated outlets featuring fittings inspired by the borough’s cool, hip eateries.

Now, a sweet slice of Brooklyn has just landed in stores, in the form of miniature, palm-sized pizzas topped with chocolate, marshmallows and even strawberry sauce. We stopped by for takeout and the results were more delicious than we could have imagined. Check out our photos for the cutest, tiniest slices of pizza you’ve ever seen!

In a nod to Brooklyn’s Italian community, the sweets are called Pizza Cioccolata and Pizza Strawberry, using katakana to highlight the authentic pronunciation of the word pizza,  ピッツァ (pi-tzah), as opposed to Japan’s more commonly applied usage of  ピザ (piza).


▼ We picked up one of each of the 194-yen (US$1.63) flavours to take home.


▼ The packaging takes its inspiration from the humble takeout pizza box.


It’s a gorgeous looking sweet. The marshmallows are toasted to perfection, making the whole thing look piping hot, while the deep chocolate hues hide beneath a generous dusting of white icing sugar.


Proving good things come in small packages, the pizza easily sits in the palm of your hand.


To draw out our sweet experience, and to avoid devouring the whole thing in a few bites, we cut it into slices. This little baby was born to be a pizza after all.



▼ Marshmallows and white chocolate pieces on a chewy chocolate base? Yes, yes, yessssss.



The consistency is much like a regular pizza, with a thicker, dough-like exterior surrounding a centre that’s light and springy, due to the fresh chocolate ganache filling. The chocolate sauce topping oozes out of each slice.


▼  If you’re craving a good hit of rich, fresh chocolate, this will make your toes curl!


▼ Now to the strawberry-chocolate-marshmallow hybrid known as Pizza Strawberry.



The imperfect arrangement of filling and crust adds to the rustic, homemade feel of the pizza. This time, the whole thing is topped off with a drizzling of white chocolate.


The cream and red colour combination, a clever take on tomato sauce and white mozzarella cheese, makes this look more like a real pizza topping once it’s sliced up.



The ganache centre gives the sweet that great pizza-like texture, while the strawberry sauce is a perfect accompaniment. When served cold, the marshmallow and strawberry flavours really take centre stage.


If you opt for takeout, as we did, just 10 seconds in the microwave will bring out a totally new flavour profile, where the ganache takes over and softens all that sweetness. When warm, both these sweets are mouth-wateringly delicious and make for a perfect winter dessert.


While Mister Donut hasn’t officially announced an end date to their sweet pizza line-up, they’ll only be available for a limited time until their next promotional campaign hits stores. If you’re lucky enough to spot one of these marshmallow morsels, join the queue at the counter. You won’t be disappointed!


Photos: © RocketNews24, Mister Donut