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Mister Donut teams up with Michelin-listed ramen restaurant for surprising new noodle range

The well-known doughnut chain is now the place to go for Michelin-quality ramen.

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Mister Donut teams up with Kyoto tea specialist for new premium matcha doughnut range

The collection includes half a dozen delicious doughnuts and two powdered green tea beverages.

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【Lucky Bag Roundup 2017】We take a peek at the Mister Donut fukubukuro from Japan

How many goods and doughnuts can you get in a lucky bag for less than ten bucks? Come with us as we find out!

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Mr Sato gets his mouth around the new “Big Doughnut” from Mister Donut

Our reporter with the larger-than-life character gives us his verdict on the equally giant sweet.

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Get your sugar fix with a giant Pon de Ring doughnut from Mister Donut this Holiday Season!

If you want to enjoy a larger-than-life doughnut in Japan this winter season, hurry and place your order with Mister Donut now!

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Japan’s Mister Donut says happy Halloween with Snoopy donuts

Great Pumpkin still nowhere to be found.

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Mister Donut is offering all-you-can-eat donuts in Tokyo!

It’s a literally sweet dream come true.

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New Japanese sandwich doughnuts from Mister Donut feature matcha, soybean flour and red beans

Traditional Japanese dessert flavours now come in delicious doughnut form—for a limited time only.

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Marshmallow chocolate Brooklyn pizzas now available at Mister Donut!

Mister Donut stores across Japan have been transporting customers to Brooklyn since the beginning of the year, with a special line-up of hybrid sweets and beverages and even dedicated outlets featuring fittings inspired by the borough’s cool, hip eateries.

Now, a sweet slice of Brooklyn has just landed in stores, in the form of miniature, palm-sized pizzas topped with chocolate, marshmallows and even strawberry sauce. We stopped by for takeout and the results were more delicious than we could have imagined. Check out our photos for the cutest, tiniest slices of pizza you’ve ever seen!

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Sweet Holidays! Cupcakes and doughnuts bring in the festive season at Mister Donut Japan

Now that Halloween is over, and without Thanksgiving being celebrated in Japan, shops here are already getting ready to bring in the Christmas season in earnest. Yes, that means the lights, the ornaments, winter landscape displays … the works.

And of course, there are the holiday sweets to look forward to. In that department, you can certainly have your pick of expertly created luxury cakes from celebrity pastry chefs, but for more casual occasions, Mister Donut Japan is offering a selection of beautiful Christmas cupcakes and doughnuts that promise to be just as delightful. Let’s see their newest line of treats that look festive enough to be displayed under a Christmas tree!

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Mister Donut becomes … Mister Cupcake? Not quite, but we can’t wait to try their new offering!

All right, we should have seen this coming, especially after Mister Donut Japan came out with original croissant doughnuts earlier this year. But that doesn’t mean we’re any less thrilled with the news — this coming week, Mister Donut will be releasing their very own cupcakes! And hey, even if “Mister Donut” is selling something that’s not a doughnut, we’re definitely not complaining. In fact, we’ll be waiting in line to get a taste of the colorful cupcakes. Let’s see what tempting flavors will be available!

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For kids only — Mister Donut and Miffy collaboration gives you cute doughnuts on wheels!

Now, we’re sure that kids (and adults too for that matter) are perfectly happy to have tasty doughnuts even without the promise of a bonus toy. But this summer, Mister Donut Japan has made sure that kids have an extra incentive to visit the doughnut chain —  in the form of original toys featuring the internationally popular rabbit character Miffy! Yes, starting this week while supplies last, Mister Donut is offering two types of adorable Miffy donut toys as a bonus item that comes with a Kid’s Set. The only catch is, well, it’s a Kid’s Set, so you have to be a kid to order one …

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Beautiful snow-white doughnuts from Mister Donuts Japan — can you guess what flavors they are?

What’s white and sweet and makes you feel happy all over? Well, Mister Donut Japan’s new line of doughnuts that has just been released this week certainly fits that description! While Krispy Kreme Japan may have added a little zing to their doughnuts by combining them with ice cream, Mister Donut has come out with a new series of white doughnuts created in collaboration with Calpis — known as Calpico in some countries, perhaps due to its unfortunate pronunciation — the popular yogurty-tasting white drink loved by people of all ages in Japan.

So, let’s see what delectable milky-white treats Mister Donut has in store for us this summer!

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Doughnut Sandwich Taste Test Round 2 — This time it’s a Mos Burger and Mister Donut creation!

Now, some of our readers may recall that we recently introduced on our site some devilishly tempting-looking doughnut sandwiches sold at Tokyo Station, and guess what? These “doughnut sandwiches” may actually be catching on in Japan, because popular Japanese food chains Mos Burger and Mister Donut have joined forces to come out this week with a new line of “MOSDO!”collaboration products, and one of them is a doughnut sandwich that we might say is one of the most, well… interesting-looking sandwiches we’ve ever seen. It’s the “Mos Burger French Cruller with Round-and-Round Chorizo Sausage” (Mos no French Cruller Guruguru Chorizo), and yes, it really does look like what you see in the picture!

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Miffy x Mister Donut collaboration doesn’t actually involve doughnuts, but is still super cute

Heads up everyone, Mister Donut Japan is launching yet another cute collaboration that will have you stuffing your face with donuts in order to get your hands on some exclusive and limited merch.

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Buttery and flaky goodness — Mister Donut Japan to sell original Croissant Doughnuts

Many of you have probably heard about the croissant doughnuts that have been all the rage in New York, so much so that buying them for people apparently has become a business on its own. Well, we’ve heard about the delectable pastry here in Japan too, and we already have some bakeries and even a convenience store chain selling the sweet, flaky treats. Now it looks like Mister Donut in Japan is going to be the newest member to join the Cronut bandwagon. From April 1, the major doughnut chain will be offering their own version of the treat, which they’re calling the Mr. Croissant Donut. And we have to say we’re quite happy with the news, because frankly, New York is a bit far for us to go and buy pastries, but these, we can’t wait to try right here in Japan!

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We try savory doughnuts inspired by miso, seaweed rice crackers and more

Mister Donut is one of the most popular doughnut chains in all of Japan, and their signature pastry, the Pon de Ring, is a delicious chewy concoction that is sought out by peckish snackers across the country. The chain has recently released a new savory version of their classic Pon de Ring, and in doing so, has incited a rivalry between eastern and western Japan. The “Pon de Senbatsu” campaign puts eight new regional flavors, four from both east and west, against each other in a battle for the best doughnut. Since our offices are located on Japan’s east side, we decided to try out our regional sweet potato, miso kiritanpo, seaweed rice cracker, and sweet sesame dumpling doughnuts.

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We made monjayaki with a Pon de Monja doughnut!

Yesterday, we wrote about Mister Donut’s new Pon de Umaimon series, which are basically savory varieties of the doughnut ring leader’s signature product, the Pon de Ring. Speaking of savory doughnuts, some genius in the office thought, why not go all the way with it! So we attempted the ironic stunt of making a monjayaki with a monjayaki flavored doughnut to see if it blends in with the real deal.

Monjayaki is a Kanto dish, so we had our very own Tokyo native, Mr. Hatori, work the monja magic for us!

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Enjoy buttered potato, muscat, or Japanese pizza…doughnuts

Mister Donut, arguably the most popular doughnut chain in Japan, is full of creative and interesting fried dough creations. Just a few months ago, Misdo (as it’s called in Japan) unveiled Hello Kitty jack o’ lantern doughnuts for Halloween and are currently selling Snoopy and Woodstock Christmas treats. But their newest offering sounds more bizarre than delicious. Officially called “Pon de Umaimon,” these rings of flavor come in eight sweet or savory regional varieties that are sure to make you wonder why such a doughnut exists.

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Adorable miniature doughnuts from Mister Donut Japan!

Look at those little guys! They’re so small, you have to carry them all together in a bucket!

If you’re looking for a miniature treat, look no further than Mister Donut’s winter offering of bite-sized doughnuts. With six new flavors and three shareable container sizes, they’re perfect for snacking with friends and family while snuggling up under the kotatsu…or eat them all yourself, we won’t judge.

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