Look out — this cheesy volcano from Japan may be coming to your local branch soon. 

As the most popular pizza delivery chain in Japan, Domino’s is always looking for new ways to stay on top, and its latest creation is a total game-changer.

Called the Cheese Volcano, this new 40-centimetre (15.7-inch) wide pizza contains a centrepiece that looks like a volcano rising in the centre, with a ‘magma chamber’ inside the crater filled with cheesy lava.

The cheddar cheese that surrounds the slope of the volcano has a crunchy texture that contrasts with the smooth and melty cheese.

▼ From the mouth of the volcano…

▼ …straight to your mouth.

There are two types of Cheese Volcano pizzas to choose from — the Classic Quattro and the Premium Quattro. The Classic Quattro allows you to enjoy the four types of pizza that make up the Quattro Happy, a regular menu item that’s said to be popular across generations. That means you get to try Tropical, Genovese, American, and Margherita pizza slices slathered in rich cheddar cheese lava.

▼ The Cheese Volcano Classic Quattro is priced at 5,180 yen (US$36.09) for delivery or 2,590 yen for pickup.

The Premium Quattro contains the four pizzas usually found in the chain’s Quattro 3 Happy — Chef’s Whimsical Vegetable Special, Giga Meat, Seafood Special, and Korean Short Ribs.

▼ The Cheese Volcano Premium Quattro is priced at 5,980 yen for delivery or 2,990 yen for pickup.

Those who want to dip their toes, or fingers, in the lava, can do so by purchasing the Cheese Volcano Dipping Sauce separately, priced at 799 yen.

▼ Perfect for trying with any type of pizza or side menu item.

Those who like cheesy fries can purchase the Cheese Volcano Potenage (Potato Chips & Nuggets) set for 1,290 yen.

To help promote the new pizza, the chain has released a special video featuring baritone opera singer Teruhiko Komori, the first Japanese singer to perform at the German court, singing “Let’s all Eat the Volcano“.

The lyrics translate as:

“Domino’s Pizza’s Volcano is amazing! It’s delicious!
Domino’s Pizza’s Volcano is amazing! It’s delicious!
The cheese magma is simmering. It’s hot. It’s delicious.
Dive into the cheese magma and it will melt so much.
Let’s go, let’s go to Domino’s Pizza.
Let’s eat, let’s eat the Volcano.
It’s amazing, it’s delicious, it’s amazing, it’s delicious!
Let’s all eat the Volcano.”

The lyrics “Let’s all eat the Volcano” are particularly interesting, because unlike a lot of Japan-created products, this pizza will be released in other markets around the world.

For starters, the pizza will be released in Japan and Taiwan on the same day, 9 January, with other markets to follow. It’ll only be on the menu in Japan for a limited time, though, until 18 February, so you’ll want to get in quick to try it. And if you want to fill the crater with ice cream to replicate the bacon shake dip experience, we won’t judge you!

Source, images: PR Times 
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