After family, friends, and lovers, two more “nothing-special happy times” get their moments in the cozy anime spotlight.

Over the last few weeks, McDonald’s Japan has been putting smiles on fans’ faces with a series of anime video ads featuring low-key, highly comforting scenes of everyday life. The newest installment continues the warm-and-fuzzy feelings, but with a bittersweet addition to the mix of emotions, as the chain has announced it’s the end of the series.

The first video featured a family, and later ones showed a group of teenage friends and then a high school couple on a date. Earlier this week came a video showing what appears to be a group of siblings grabbing a McDonald’s snack…

…and then a young woman relaxing at home, sitting around in a pair of pajamas, watching videos on her smartphone, munching on fast-food, and, in general, just enjoying having some free time to kick back and relax.

There’s no drama or conflict, just a peaceful, pleasant mood, bolstered by the indirect reminder that spending time with the people you love is great, and so is taking a little me-time now and again, spent in whatever way makes you feel happy. The blazer hanging in the background of the second video, as well as the sunset-colored sky visible out the window, tells us that the woman is either a student or an office worker who’s done with whatever responsibilities she had to take care of earlier in the day, and is now enjoying a well-deserved recharging session.

“A nothing-special happy time,” Tweeted McDonald’s with the video, repeating the series’ theme, which it followed with a sperate tweet saying:

“With this, we’ll be bringing the Yoru Mac [Nighttime McDonald’s] anime series, which started in September, to a close for the time being. Thank you so much to everyone who watched it! We hope you’ll continue to let McDonald’s be a part of your ordinary daily life. See you next time!”

McDonald’s also tweeted a reminder that the animation was created by illustrator Uraura Ura-chan (@urachan1629 on Twitter), who also posted a message of thanks.

“McDonald’s asked me to make another Yoru Mac Potenuge [French fries and Chicken McNuggets set] video! This marks the end of the Yoru Mac anime series I’ve been making since September! To everyone who watched the videos, and to everyone who was involved in their creation, thank you so much!”

▼ The meaning of the string of steak and Saturn emoji at the end of the message remains a mystery.

Between the positive reactions the videos got in Japan and their theme that even life’s little happy moments are worth celebrating, it would seem that there are still plenty of everyday scenes that could be depicted, should McDonald’s and Uraura Ura-chan decide to work together again in the future. For now, though, we’ve still got the videos’ lingering warmth to enjoy while we look for our own nothing-special happy times.

Source: Twitter/@McDonaldsJapan via Otakomu
Top image: Twitter/@McDonaldsJapan
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