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Nothing says “I’m lovin’ it” like a few cheeky jokes.

It seems it’s not just individuals anymore who are getting in on the April 1 fun — businesses and news sites too are taking the time to get creative in the name of fun. It’s hard to believe anything you read on this day, whether it’s capsules that turn your farts into floral air fresheners or cola that tastes like pork curry.

McDonald’s Japan is also getting in on the action, with some…unusual…new menu items.

▼ Introducing…the Hiyashi Chuka meal! Nothing says “fast food burger” more than some cold noodles…

▼Those with the last name of Suzuki, this one’s for you! A nice suzuki (sea bass) instead of an egg and a patty.

▼ Next are the Satos! A sato (sugar) burger for your teeth to enjoy.

▼ For all the Sasaki’s out there, meanwhile, here’s your burger! A double layer of sasa ki (bamboo grass/leaves). Watch out for the thieving panda.

▼ Finally for the Katos! This kato (fructose) burger is sure to hit all your sweet spots.

▼ The ever popular shrimp filet-o is now the lobster filet-o. Expect the lobster price tag.

▼ Try the Russian Roulette McNuggets and leave your taste buds to chance.

▼ A hamburger becomes a pan (bread) burger

▼ The adult set, complete with seaweed strips, the drink that helps you with a hangover and a ship in a bottle.

▼ And perhaps the funniest one, for a limited time, the XXXS fry!

▼ It was so popular, it was turned into a real ad.

Some of these menu items would be pretty entertaining to order for real, but for the most part, they’re better off staying as April Fools’ drawings we can laugh at online. Let us know which idea is your favorite in the comments below!

Source: Net Lab
Top Image: Twitter/@McDonaldsJapan