These super limited-time releases slay all of the competition

Manga and anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has achieved staggering, cult-like levels of popularity in Japan. Its October 2020 theatrical sequel film, Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train, is also now officially the high-grossing film in Japanese box office history–even beating out Studio Ghibli favorite Spirited Away.

Whenever a series has such a pervasive influence on society, you know it’s destined to become a targeted marketing campaign of fast food restaurants everywhere. Case in point–on March 5, McDonald’s Japan began selling Demon Slayer-themed Happy Meals (known as “Happy Sets” in Japanese) at locations throughout the country. The chain also released Happy Meals based on the newest Pretty Cure anime, Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure, at the same time for those feeling in a bit more of a magical girl mood. These meal sets will only be around for two weeks and are a cheap way to grab some goodies from your favorite franchise.

Demon Slayer (left) and Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure (right) Happy Meals

The Demon Slayer Happy Meals feature three types of sticker cards with five variations of each for a total of 15 unique sticker cards. The three types of sticker cards are as follows.

1) Character stickers, with a large portrait of each character gracing the front:

2) Message stickers, with depictions of famous scenes and quotes from the anime:

3) Limited-edition staff stickers, with characters donning present-day McDonald’s Japan uniforms in different restaurant worker roles:

The five variations of each type of sticker card focus on five of the most important characters in the story. Seen below are the limited-edition staff stickers for Tanjiro (kitchen crew), Nezuko (greeter), Zenitsu (McCafe by Barista), Inosuke (deliveryman), and Shinobu & Giyu (managers) representing the nine Hashira.

Meanwhile, the Pretty Cure Happy Meals feature five unique coloring books based on five of the main characters from the Tropical-Rouge! anime series. 

▼ A sample page from one of the coloring books

To top it off, both types of Happy Meals come with the inclusion of a previously released toy for their respective franchise. 

By the way, in case you haven’t heard, McDonald’s Japan has also recently revamped their Happy Meal food menu to be more nutritionally sound and their prizes to include more educational options. Read more about those changes here.

Reference, images: McDonald’s Japan
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