Arguably more tragic than being left hanging.

Japanese soccer fans — Mr. Sato included — are in high spirits after the Samurai Blue’s epic victory against Colombia. With the team now advancing to the final 16 despite losing to Poland, everyone’s in a chirpy mood.

But an unexpected incident dampened a 20-year-old Japanese man’s cheer on the morning of 29 June at six o’clock. As he was walking along Susukino Junction in Sapporo, he spotted a group of three men in front of him.

Hoping to share some of the World Cup joy and celebrate the national team’s excellent performance with fellow countrymen, the man raised both hands up in the air to perform a friendly high five to the trio.

▼ In a stroke of bad luck, he was struck twice
squarely in the face by a 28-year-old man from the group instead.

After a police report followed by an arrest, the offender explained, “I thought I was about to get punched. So I decided to get a jump on him first before he attacked me.” Since no injuries were reported, it is assumed that the offender recklessly lashed out at the innocent soccer fan in a panicked attempt to defend himself.

High fives aren’t nearly as common in Japan as they are in other countries, so the misinterpretation is easy to understand. Knowing this, perhaps the poor victim should have went with a less threatening and more obvious one-hand-raised approach instead to communicate his intentions.

▼ And maybe protect his face with his other hand in case things go south.

The soccer fan’s gesture probably would have garnered a more positive response at the huge soccer celebration at Shibuya’s Scramble Crossing more than a week ago. Nevertheless, we hope this unfortunate turn of events hasn’t discouraged him from spreading soccer fever to others on the streets.

Source: HTB News via Yahoo! Japan
Top image: Pakutaso
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