Shinjuku Keio Plaza starts its “live at the hotel” promotion.

Like with most big cities, rent in Tokyo gets higher the closer you get to the city center. As a result, most people tend to live in apartments pretty far outside of downtown, from which they commute in to their offices or schools. But right now there’s a respected luxury hotel in central Tokyo’s Shinjuku district that’s offering month-long stays that, once you add up the various perks, might actually be cheaper than renting an apartment in that part of town.

The Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo (shown in these photos), which is within walking distance of Tokyo’s most convenient rail hub at Shinjuku Station, is kicking off its “Kurasu@The Hotel” program. Kurasu means “live” in Japanese, and that’s just what the promotion is: an offer for long-term guests to essentially live at the hotel, with a substantially discounted rate.

Under the program, guests staying in a Standard Room for 30 nights will pay 210,000 yen (US$2,030). While that’s far more than a studio apartment out in the suburbs would cost you, the 23.5-square meter (253-square foot) Standard Room can accommodate two people, which would make the per-person “rent” 105,000 yen for the month. As a hotel guest, you obviously don’t need to pay for utilities such as water and electricity, and Wi-Fi is included too, as is twice-a-week housekeeping service.

Oddly enough, shampoo is not provided beyond the initial bottle you get when you check in, so you’ll have to procure your own refills. On the other hand, that tiny expenditure pales in comparison to the money you’ll save thanks to the free breakfast every day in the hotel restaurant which is part of the Kurasu@The Hotel package. Each guest can also have two free drinks daily from the guest lounge, and you’re also allotted two hours each day to use one of the hotel’s compact conference rooms, if you’re teleworking and want a change of scenery.

If you want more spacious accommodations, the Kurasu@The Hotel package can be upgraded to a 33.7-square meter Superior Room or 35.2-square meter Deluxe Room, for an additional fee (an extra 30,000 or 60,000 respectively). The program is available between February 22 and May 15.

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Source: Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo via Impress Watch via Otakomu

Images: Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
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