American Japanese food coming to Japan!

Not a day goes by that I don’t brag to everyone I meet that I discovered Shohei Ohtani way back in 2012, knowing full well that he would go on to great things. And even though Major League Baseball has yet to call me regarding my amazing scouting ability, it’s still nice to see that Ohtani has not only gone on to be an amazing player, but a defining athlete of his generation.

His influence can even be seen off the field as his new home of Dodger Stadium opened a takoyaki stand after the star professed his love for the deep-fried balls of batter and octopus. The concession stand is run by major Japanese chain Gindaco and offers Americanized versions of takoyaki with flavors such as Cheese & Salsa, Cheese & Guacamole, and Tempura & Sweet Soy Sauce.

Takoyaki purists may scoff at anything other than octopus meat and a specialized tangy sauce, but more than a few people in Japan saw these new flavors and thought, “I’d like to try that too…”

Now, it looks like Gindaco has responded and will bring the Cheese & Guacamole takoyaki to the shores of Japan for three days only. Starting on 5 July, which just happens to be Ohtani’s 30th birthday, the Dodger-Stadium-style takoyaki will be available at all Gindaco stores across the country, with the exception of stadium and event stands.

Although the ingredients won’t be exactly the same as the American counterparts, the octopus balls will be topped with cheddar cheese to give it that U.S. feel. The guacamole will be prepared in-store and is said to go easier on the seasonings to match the typical Japanese palate better. Finally, some fried onions are placed on top for a little added zing.

Thankfully, the prices in Dodger Stadium, where a serving of six takoyaki sells for $13.99, will not be imported to Japan. Instead, you can get eight takoyaki for 780 yen ($4.85) which works out to about a 75-percent reduction in price per ball. On top of that, anyone with a Gindaco stamp card on those days will get double stamps that go towards a free order of takoyaki.

So, be sure to stop by Gindaco between 5 and 7 July to get a rare taste of American takoyaki in Japan, and don’t forget to keep on rooting for Ohtani as he fights for a World Series Championship. Hopefully we’ll get the salsa one if he does that.

Source, images: Gindaco
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