Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Disney and Baby The Stars Shine Bright collaborate on range of lolita-style Cinderella dresses

If you weren’t raised on a steady diet of Disney movies, then we’ll wager your childhood was lacking a little animated magic. Even now the old classics still hold up, and Disney definitely isn’t just for kids.

But if you’ve ever been left disappointed that those amazing Disney Princess dresses they sell at the Disney Store don’t fit anyone over the age of eight, then fret not! Now adult women (or indeed, men) can dress up in fantastic, whimsically childlike Cinderella dresses courtesy of this collaboration between Disney and lolita style brand Baby The Stars Shine Bright.

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Playing dress-up: Maison de Julietta offers the chance to be a lolita for a day

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of being a lolita? We mean the fashion conscience kind of Lolita, not the…other kind. The frilly little dresses, the bonnets, the ridiculous platform shoes, and all the cake and tea you can get in your stomach! Sounds great, right? Except for the price tag—buying all of those frilly little dresses yourself will set you back a lot of money! Well, here’s your chance to try out being a lolita for a day without breaking the bank or selling a few organs!

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