Big data

Kyoto police set up system to predict when and where crimes will happen

New tool allows Kyoto police to be at the scene of the crime before the crime even occurs.

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The ultimate Pokémon master quiz: is it a Pokémon or a big data company?

Can guess from the name what’s a Pokémon character and what’s a big data company? Some of these are surprisingly hard!

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Cool Japan: Big Data Helps Predict Japan’s Next Big Hits (With Awesome ‘Weather’ Map)

Japanese exporters may have been suffering lately, but Japan still has one major export up its sleeve: Cool.

And now there’s a new strategy for spreading Cool Japan across the world. Up until now businesses haven’t really connected with what’s popular, but from here on a new public-private initiative will use “big data” to more comprehensively measure and predict the foreign appetite for Japanese culture. Read More