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W.T.F. Japan: Top 5 confusing Japanese hand gestures【Weird Top Five】

Am I supposed to be insulted or flattered by that?

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W.T.F. Japan: Top 5 hand gestures that Japanese people don’t understand【Weird Top Five】

Do these gestures in Japan and all you’ll get are looks of culture-gap confusion.

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Four Western gestures that are difficult for Japanese people to understand

Earlier this week, a Twitter user turned to the masses in the hope of learning the meanings behind four common gestures she had often seen in Western cartoons. While many, if not all, of these may be instantly recognizable to our readers, in Japan they are seldom seen and for that reason look understandably odd.

We’ve already examined some Japanese hand gestures; now let’s see how the other half lives as Japanese Twitter users try to unravel the meanings behind licking our fingers and touching someone or “crab-like movement and bending fingers“.

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