Buenos Aires

Japanese YouTuber goes to Argentinian slum to make “impactful video”, gets robbed instead

Quickly learns that not everywhere in the world is as safe as Japan.

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El Ateneo: Gorgeous Theater-Turned-Bookshop in Buenos Aries Gets Our Standing Ovation

For the avid reader, environment can be everything. Some people prefer to read in the silence of a library while others prefer the ambience of cafés or parks; different readers have different conditions that must be met for them to truly lose themselves in a book.

But what would it feel like if you sat, with book in hand, in the third-floor balcony of a renovated theater-turned-bookstore with high painted ceilings and crimson stage curtains still intact? That’s exactly what El Ateneo, the world’s second most beautiful bookstore, offers readers.

Our correspondent Photographer Koach recently traveled to Avenida Santa Fe in Buenos Aires, Argentina where El Ateneo is located to see the bookstore for himself.

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