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Live-action Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind fan film complete, releases online this month【Vid】

Overseas Studio Ghibli fan spent over half a decade working on live-action tribute project to Hayao Miyazaki anime.

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New president of Chile receives Pokémon from Japanese diplomat【Videos】

And no, it wasn’t Pikachu on the goodwill mission.

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Japanese woman surprised to learn foreigners don’t openly tell women they have big breasts

Encounter with foreigners leads woman to realise she’s from “a sexually underdeveloped country”.

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Captain Tsubasa anime character cleared of gender-based violence charges by Chilean court

Judge rules slapping girl in the face did not constitute promoting violence towards women.

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Japanese YouTuber goes to Argentinian slum to make “impactful video”, gets robbed instead

Quickly learns that not everywhere in the world is as safe as Japan.

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Uruguay rugby players accused of smashing up restaurant, injuring employee in Japan

Players helped themselves to unordered booze following World Cup elimination and caused more than four million yen (US$37,000) in damage, owner says.

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Netizens educate president of Brazil on the wonders of the anime world with hilarious results

Who knew that the best teachers would turn out to be anime and Photoshop?

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Artist blows our minds by swapping clothing between Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball characters

These look so cool, we wonder why there isn’t a crossover anime like this yet.

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Thousands of anime fans gather for public screenings of new Dragon Ball episode in Latin America

Fans in North, Central, and South America cheer on Goku in his latest fight, but rights holder Toei isn’t nearly as happy.
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Indie games’ Japanese-language releases overshadowed by developers’ sexy art request

Do you want money? Fame? For these developers, it’s all about the erotic fan art (although fame and money probably wouldn’t hurt).

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Cardcaptor Sakura Fan in Peru Gets Guinness World Record For Largest Collection

The Guinness Book of World Records awarded Sofia Pichihua of Peru with a certificate recognizing her as the owner of the world’s largest Cardcaptor Sakura memorabilia on December 11.

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Sega’s Mega Drive/Genesis lives again, is back in production 28 years after its initial launch

The first 16-bit video game console won’t be manufactured by Sega, though, or even in Japan.

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Pikachu shows up at the Rio Olympics in adorable pin form, sends collectors into a frenzy

While athletes go for the gold, what fans want to take home is this exclusive piece of Pokémon Olympic memorabilia.

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Super bug — Japanese entomologist encounters a real-life titan, but of the insect variety

A bug enthusiast’s dream and your average person’s worst nightmare, this rare titan beetle discovery has set Japanese Twitter abuzz.

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Take a peek at these epic Sailor Moon x Saint Seiya fan art pieces!

One artist’s crossover artwork featuring the Sailor Scouts in Saint Seika-style costumes is currently going viral—and it’s easy to see why!

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Nintendo taxis?! Peruvian cabs outfitted with Mario Kart 8 setups for rear passengers to play

Japanese taxis are pretty nice. They’ve got those cool doors that swing open and shut at the touch of a button, and the lace doilies they usually have across the rear parcel shelf add a nice touch of class.

Still, we’re finding ourselves feeling a little jealous of taxi patrons in Peru, where one company isn’t just providing swift transportation, but entertainment with a fleet of cabs equipped with Nintendo Wii U game consoles for passengers to play in the back seat during their ride.

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Japanese team discovers 24 new geoglyphs at Nazca, including llamas

A team of researchers from Yamagata University in Japan announced this week that they have identified 24 new geoglyphs in Nazca, Peru, site of the UNESCO World Heritage Nazca lines.

The newly found geoglyphs are smaller than their famous peers, but estimated to be several centuries older.

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1 golden retriever + 8 birds + 1 hamster = 1 big happy animal family!

Like humans, dogs have different personalities and temperaments. Some dogs are playful, some are shy. Some bark or growl at every stranger they see, yet others are extremely caring and can even be trusted to watch over little humans.

Biologically, dogs are predators and they are equipped with strong teeth, muscles and instinct to go after smaller animals, but some domesticated dogs have such warm personalities they get along just fine with cats, rabbits, or even tinier creatures such as hamsters and birds. Bob the golden retriever is one of those gentle giants, and he’s been winning the hearts of Instagrammers with adorable pictures of him snuggling up to his little pals. Check them out!

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Samsung prototype ‘Safety Truck’ uses all-weather screens to make driving safer, maybe

If you’re a driver, chances are at some point you’ve been behind a slow-moving truck or semi-trailer, trying to overtake but unable to see if there is traffic coming in the opposite direction. This can be frustrating, but it can also be deadly if you pull around at the wrong moment.

South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung may have found a solution to this problem with their prototype Safety Truck, however. It uses a wireless camera and outdoor screens to give drivers following the trucks a view around them.

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Dragon Ball figure’s holographic energy blast looks so real you’ll want to take cover 【Video】

In recent years, it’s become common for anime figures to come with what’re called “effect pieces.” These little add-ons attach to the character’s fists, arms, or other body parts, adding the motion blurs, flames, or ki energy auras that make their fighting moves look so cool on-screen.

Sure, sometimes it can be a little depressing to look at Ryu’s hadoken or Goku’s kamehameha energy blast and realize it’s just a piece a piece of plastic. But hey, what choice do you have, other than effect pieces?

How about an awesome hologram projection to make you Dragon Ball Z figure’s attack look as real as possible?

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