Cathay Pacific

A Chinese airline might start letting flyers bid on seat upgrades

It’s time to bid goodbye to discomfort while flying.

Chinese airline Cathay Pacific is considering starting an online auction program where customers could place bids to upgrade their seats, according to the South China Morning Post.

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Opening an umbrella inside a plane isn’t just bad luck… it’s a punishable crime!

With all the temperature and humidity regulators at work on a commercial aircraft, it’s not uncommon for a little condensation and leakage to happen from time to time.

The dripping itself isn’t a big deal but when you’re strapped in a chair next to a sleeping 300-lb man, the annoyance factor gets amplified. As captured in this photo aboard a Cathay Pacific flight, one man decided to deal with it by pulling out his trusty umbrella.

However, surprisingly, the act of opening a parasol mid-flight is a violation of Hong Kong aviation regulations and could land this man in prison.

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