Behind the counter: what it’s like to work as All Nippon Airways ground staff【Video】

An exclusive sneak peek for the curious and airplane fans!

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Pikachu learns how to fly as Japan’s new Pokémon airliner takes fight

Pikachu Jet takes off, and will be flying fans around Japan for years to come.

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Man who refused to wear mask on airplane in Japan gets arrested four months later

Airline apparently did not forgive or forget.

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Japan Airlines staff reassigned to work as shrine maidens during coronavirus travel downturn

New role shifts focus from the literal skies to the figurative heavens.

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Japanese domestic flights for just 500 yen (US$4.70) is one of the greatest travel bargains ever

Fly from Tokyo to Okinawa for less than the price of a fancy Starbucks coffee…but you’ll need to hurry.

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With no passengers, Japanese airline fills every seat on plane with masks and medical supplies

Coronavirus is keeping people at home, but supplies still need to move.

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New ANA air pass with unlimited Japanese house rentals, multiple flights now taking applications

An amazingly affordable way to see Japan and live like a local.

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Japanese airline still using some startling old, almost 20-year-old computer tech, traveler learns

Air carrier has stuck with its airport OS for longer than just about any private PC user.

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Japan Airlines giving foreign travelers 100,000 free round-trip tickets during the Tokyo Olympics

JAL wants visitors from overseas to see more than just Tokyo during the Tokyo Summer Games.

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ANA to offer Japan domestic air pass with multiple flights and unlimited accommodations provided

Skipping the Shinkansen lets you spend as many nights as you want in off-the-beaten-path Japan.

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ANA’s gluten-free meal? A single banana, allegedly

Have a banana? No joke.

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Flight delay ruins woman’s Valentine’s Day, airline apologizes, books her into S&M love hotel

After an airline scuppered passengers’ Valentine’s Day plans with a huge delay, one woman found herself in yet another bind when she learned that her complimentary hotel stay would be in an S&M dungeon-themed love hotel.

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Women in China apparently competing in bikini contests to become flight attendants

The People’s Daily reports that graduates from a Quingdao-area school are encouraged to compete in a runway competition to net jobs as flight attendants or models.

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Tokyo’s Haneda Airport becomes fourth airport in the world to be awarded coveted 5-Star rating

If you’ve ever visited Japan, chances are pretty high that you’ve been through Narita International Airport (and perhaps even been lucky enough to sample the perfect beer served there), no doubt thinking that you were flying to directly into Tokyo only to discover that you were still an hour train ride away from the city. The smaller Tokyo International Airport, commonly called Haneda, is, however, actually located within the city, but has until recently been considered Tokyo’s main domestic airport.

But all that’s about to change. As well as increasing the number of destinations it serves, Haneda has been improving its facilities and significantly upping its game in an effort to become more of an international hub. In fact, it was recently awarded the coveted 5-Star award from the ratings company Skytrax, making it the first airport in Japan and only the fourth in the world with that title.

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16 photos that show why Singapore has the world’s best airline

Singapore Airlines took the top spot on our list of the Best Airlines In The World.

The list ranked the best major international airlines for flying economy class, based on two categories: the quality of the in-flight experience and the on-time delays.

Last year, I flew economy class from New York City to Singapore (with a stop in Frankfurt) on Singapore Airlines, and saw for myself why the airline gets rave reviews.

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A Chinese airline might start letting flyers bid on seat upgrades

It’s time to bid goodbye to discomfort while flying.

Chinese airline Cathay Pacific is considering starting an online auction program where customers could place bids to upgrade their seats, according to the South China Morning Post.

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JAL voted most reliable airline in the world

There’s nothing worse than having to take a 12 hour plane ride before getting to your relaxing exotic vacation. That is, unless your flight is delayed. Then it turns into a nightmarish trudge to your final destination, with missed connecting flights and more pulled hairs than you care to lose. As the saying goes, “It’s not the destination, but the journey” and if that’s true, you’re sure to have the most enjoyable trip on‘s list of the top ten airlines that get you to your destination on time. Japan Airlines leads the pack with an amazing 93 percent on-time departure rate. Take a look at the full list and choose your airline accordingly.

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Japan Airlines will serve KFC on flights to Tokyo

Japan Airlines (JAL) announced its winter menus today, and among the selection of beef filet, foie gras mousse, and lobster ravioli is something a touch less fancy.

It’s “Air Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

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12 disappointing things for Japanese people traveling in the US

Here at RocketNews24, we mostly talk about Japan and other Asian countries, doing our best to offer a sort of “Western perspective” on this fun and fascinating continent. And if you think we love doing it, well, you’re certainly right!

But sometimes it helps to have a little balance—you can’t eat kakigori every day for every meal after all—so today we’re happy to bring you a Japanese perspective on visiting the United States of America! While many Japanese people enjoy visiting the United States, there are some things that can end up being a bit… disappointing.

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