Celebrate panda resurgence with visit to Chengdu Research Base and a literal pile of baby bears!

If you ever wanted to see a literal pile of baby pandas, this is the research facility you need to visit.

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Hand-washed pandas look adorable, melt our hearts【Video】

Two Chinese panda cubs giggle and coo as a zoo staff member cuddles and bathes them with a washcloth.

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Cute attack: China’s 14 new panda cubs lined up in size order 【Video】

When it comes to cuteness contests, even a single panda cub is tough to beat, so you can probably imagine how we squealed like schoolgirls when we stumbled upon this footage of fourteen of them lined up in rows in a crib.

We don’t care how cute your videos of your pet are – unless it’s a duckling wearing a sling or a kitten sneezing feathers while wearing a Pikachu onesie, nothing is going to beat this!

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