If you ever wanted to see a literal pile of baby pandas, this is the research facility you need to visit.

With the recent fantastic panda news that their conservation status was upgraded from “Endangered” to “Vulnerable”, panda lovers all over the world rejoiced. These adorable black and white bears are not only cute but fabulously lazy. Still, who doesn’t wish they could spend all day eating 20 to 30 pounds of food.

One of the main reasons for their improved conservation status is thanks to places like the Chengdu Research Base which carefully studies and breeds pandas. A lucky Japanese traveler made this research center a part of his trip and was able to visit while there was a whole bunch of baby pandas ready to be adored and fawned over. Thankfully he documented the experience on Twitter.

▼ Panda babies? Yes, please!

▼ An adorable disaster waiting to happen

For those of us who can’t make the trip to China due to distance or time constraints (or a panda restraining order), you can still watch these little babies on a 24-hour panda cam provided by the research base.

While humans have played a major role in the endangerment of the species, any casual observer can tell that the panda itself isn’t doing a very good job making sure that they will continue to exist on this planet. So for the foreseeable future, humankind will have to do its part to keep the population of the giant panda steady and growing. Although judging by this footage, it won’t be hard to trigger the protective parental nature in all of us.

Source: Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@tonpy_