dirty tricks

Boss sends employees New Year’s bonus via mobile app, fines anyone who opens it during work hours

Think your boss is cruel? Be glad you don’t work for this guy!

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SNS warfare: Businesses hiring pranksters to defame rivals

If you’re still into planking, owling or tebowing, you’re way behind the times in terms of online photo trends. In July this year, a wave of photos featuring part-timers (more commonly known as arubaito, or simply baito, in Japan) at convenience stores getting cozy in their working environment started a new trend – “freezering”. The photos featuring convenience store baito taking a snooze inside an ice cream freezer instantly went viral, and soon baito at numerous stores and fast food outlets jumped on the bandwagon, tweeting photos of themselves inside freezers, playing with ingredients in the kitchen and more.

As expected, the series of unbefitting photos sparked outrage online, employers were questioned, apology notices were sent, and some outlets were even pushed to the extent of shutting down. But did you know that some nefarious villains are actually offering pranksters for hire? And even worse, that some businesses are turning to them to defame rivals?

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