Doctor punches patient in the stomach after his third visit to ER in one night

Doctors are generally regarded more highly by society than the rest of us schlubs, and rightly so: they bring us into this world, sometimes guide us out of it, and all the while in between they do their best to keep us alive.

But of course doctors are just people too, and they’re prone to the same vices and character flaws that anyone might have. For example, one MD at a hospital in Aomori Prefecture let his short temper show recently when he punched a patient in the gut during a late night visit.

But was the doc just a hothead? Or was this particular patient just so obnoxious that the assault was warranted?

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After Three “Harassed” Doctors Leave, a 71-Year-Old Physician Enters to Lay Down the Law

This story probably isn’t coming to a theatre near you any time soon, but it certainly sounds like something straight out of a movie.

In the tiny village of Kamikoani, Akita prefecture, the sole medical practitioner has thrown her hands up and admitted defeat. Amid rumours of bullying and harassment, Dr. Ijiri has become the third doctor to hand in her notice in as many years. Previous GPs in the village reportedly left for similar reasons, and are quoted as saying that “the job was simply too much to bear” and that they were “slandered” by rumour and vicious talk amongst the townspeople.

But when word arrives that a 71-year-old specialist has decided to pick up the gauntlet, the tale takes an interesting turn…

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Meanwhile in China, Butt-Kicking Patient Makes Surgery Tough (Video)

This isn’t about some botched job either. In early May, a man appearing to have knife wounds was brought to this one hospital, where the staff immediately assessed the situation and prepared for emergency surgery. In the operating room, the doctors asked him what his name was when all of a sudden, this guy completely loses it. He gets up off the operating table, beats up the doctors, and destroys a bunch of equipment in the operating room and other parts of the hospital.

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