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The latest selfie trend involves wedding bling and “perfect” hands that cost $1,200

It seems that the road to perfecting a selfie doesn’t stop at getting a perfect angle or perfect face. There is a rising trend among brides-to-be to cosmetically enhance their hands for that perfect “I said YES! And btw, check out my sparkly diamond ring!” photo update. 

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Hey, listen! Propose to your game-enthusiast partner with Legend of Zelda wedding rings!

Isn’t it every gamer’s dream to find a prospective spouse who will sit down with them for hours as you both fight your way through perilous dungeons and difficult puzzles? We all long for that special someone who will be there at your side through the toughest battles and yet still lets you win every once in a while (‘Cause that means she’s a keeper, let me tell you). For those of you lucky enough to have found your campaign companion in the long escort mission of life, this newly announced line of promise rings might be right up your alley (Just be sure to talk to all the characters to complete the side quests)!

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Successfully Propose to Your Girlfriend! Secretly Confirm Her Ring Size Online with Ring’s Note

Before my husband proposed to me, he was faced with the seemingly impossible task of confirming my ring size without me noticing.  Since I didn’t own any rings at the time, he was forced to come up with something craftier than simply stealing my jewelry box.

His solution was to ask his sister to have me try on a bunch of her rings.  Never showing any interest in jewelry to begin with, it seemed odd that my husband’s sister would storm into my room and demand me to put on her rings.  What’s more, she blatantly stared at my fingers, scrutinizing how well each ring fit as I tried them on.

Since I’m not an idiot, I knew a proposal was brewing.

This situation isn’t unique for men who finally decide to pop the question.  But fellas, you’re in luck, there’s now a solution to your pre-proposal anxieties: Ring’s Note, an online notebook that records women’s ring sizes.

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