Before my husband proposed to me, he was faced with the seemingly impossible task of confirming my ring size without me noticing.  Since I didn’t own any rings at the time, he was forced to come up with something craftier than simply stealing my jewelry box.

His solution was to ask his sister to have me try on a bunch of her rings.  Never showing any interest in jewelry to begin with, it seemed odd that my husband’s sister would storm into my room and demand me to put on her rings.  What’s more, she blatantly stared at my fingers, scrutinizing how well each ring fit as I tried them on.

Since I’m not an idiot, I knew a proposal was brewing.

This situation isn’t unique for men who finally decide to pop the question.  But fellas, you’re in luck, there’s now a solution to your pre-proposal anxieties: Ring’s Note, an online notebook that records women’s ring sizes.

Ring’s Note is simple to use.  Women log on to Ring’s Note via Facebook and register their ring size.  Men can then log on and search for their girlfriend on the Ring’s Note database.  According to the site, men “can only open one woman’s page in his life.”

The goal of Ring’s Note is to increase the number of successful proposals.

Ladies, even if you are still waiting for prince charming, why not register your ring size on Ring’s Note and make things a little easier on your future husband.  I know my husband wishes this site were around sooner.

Source: ITmedia