Isn’t it every gamer’s dream to find a prospective spouse who will sit down with them for hours as you both fight your way through perilous dungeons and difficult puzzles? We all long for that special someone who will be there at your side through the toughest battles and yet still lets you win every once in a while (‘Cause that means she’s a keeper, let me tell you). For those of you lucky enough to have found your campaign companion in the long escort mission of life, this newly announced line of promise rings might be right up your alley (Just be sure to talk to all the characters to complete the side quests)!

Introducing the new Legend of Zelda-inspired wedding & engagement rings from TAKAYAS! These yellow and white gold bands are sure to bring you closer to your lover than you ever were with your navi character! The Tri-force pattern on both the thick circlet and interlaced with the more delicate inset diamond is both classy and classic for gamers young and old! Plus, the elegant image is simple enough that even non-gamers will find the design charming (Just in case you’re too embarrassed to flaunt your gaming prowess to the masses).

These rings were just released at the beginning of August, so pricing information is only available on request. Any interested parties that just can’t hold out for another minute need not wait in line for this gamer gear. Send your inquiries through the TAKAYAS website directly!


For those couples with a bond that can’t be broken by even the Master Sword, these rings will last you until the final “Game Over”.

Source: Hamachi Kikou
Images: Inside Games