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Japanese Aomori fishermen now available in collectible card form, garnering unexpected popularity

Fancy collecting pictures of shirtless hunky fishermen wearing rubber waders?

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The Fishing Industry Cries in Dismay Over the Setonai Sea Being Too Pure For the Fish

The sea is too clean for the fish! 

Efforts to clean up the sea have caused an adverse reaction giving the fishing Industries in Hyogo, Okayama, and Oita Prefectures along the Setonai Seaboard a major headache.  The irony being that the sea is too clean for the fish to thrive.

An analysis of the sea water by researchers found the natural levels of Nitrogen and phosphorous in the salt content of the sea water needed for the nutritional growth of healthy plankton have diminished to the point that it has effected the natural eco system of the sea. Without enough plankton, the major nutrition for many small sea animals, the whole food chain is disrupted to the point of great loss to the fishing Industry.

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