Heian Period

World’s most elegant kickball game held at Kyoto’s Imperial Palace【Video】

Kickball the Heian way.

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Heading to Hiroshima? Here’s a plan to enjoy three local activities on Miyajima in one day

Our reporter shares her day of soaking up a little bit of the local marine farming, global cuisine, and a walk through the past. 

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Japanese professor launches crowdfunding project to recreate amazura, a lost Heian Era sweetener

Amazura was a popular sweetener among Heian aristocrats but its method of production was lost to time after the widespread diffusion of sugar.

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Appreciate thousands of years of Japanese beauty in surreal video from Nara University【Video】

A stunning futuristic video that shows off historic beauty.

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Check out the ball-handling skills of classical Japanese aristocrats with this new video

Ronaldo might be an amazing player, but we’d like to see him try playing in the clothes of classical Japanese aristocrats.

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Hotel offers guests the chance to experience the 1,000-year-old lifestyle of the Heian Period

Japanese history can be a lot of fun to explore, from the Sengoku era to the modernization of Japan in the Meiji Period. We’re sure everyone has their own favorite time period, but one that doesn’t always get the respect it deserves is the Heian Period. Lasting roughly from 794 to 1185, the period was a relatively peaceful time in Japan that saw a blossoming of culture in everything from literature to music.

Unfortunately, we can’t just hop on a plane and go back in time to see everything for ourselves. But there is a hotel in Shikoku where you can experience a bit of the Heian life for yourself complete with period costumes, games, and architecture! So whether you’re a history buff or just need a major change of scenery, you’ll want to check out Gosho Yashiro no Mori!
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