Japanese “yakuza deer” continue to harass restaurant owner at Miyajima 【Photos】

Series of photos shows what happens when cute deer try to act all gangsta.

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Gang of “yakuza deer” regularly takes over Japanese restaurant’s street-side entrance【Photos】

Visitors to one of the most beautiful places in Japan document the four-legged mafia’s adorable M.O.

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Travelers’ misguided attempt to earn good luck is damaging Japan’s most famous torii shrine gate

While in Japan, you absolutely should visit Hiroshima’s Miyajima island, but while there, you definitely shouldn’t do this.

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Starbucks opens at historic Japanese sites: Miyajima and the onsen that inspired Spirited Away

The global coffeehouse chain has two stunning stores planned for these world-famous tourist spots.

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New Japanese Kit Kat captures the taste of Hiroshima with Momiji Manju flavour

Japan’s latest Kit Kat release tastes like maple leaf-shaped red bean cakes!

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Impressive replicas of iconic Japanese tourist spots made from curry

As kids we were always told not to play with our food but someone didn’t get that memo at a recent curry exhibition. Online marketplace Rakuten recently hosted a one-day event showcasing regional curry dishes from all over Japan, and the curry creations were very playful, and some were downright awesome. As if the spict foodstuff wasn’t already delicious enough, it got even better with iconic Japanese tourists spots replicated from curry!

Check out some of the dishes after the jump. It’s tourism for your taste buds!

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