Like heights? 231-meter (758-foot) skyscraper in Tokyo opens a zipline course on its roof

Zipline of the Heavens promises to be hell on earth for anyone with a fear of heights.

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Air conditioner installation in China is for acrobats, not acrophobics 【Video】

If you’re ever had the misfortune of having to lift an air-conditioning unit, you’ll know that they’re actually pretty heavy. After all, they’re essentially big, unwieldy metal boxes filled with even more bits of metal, so you’d probably want someone to help you out if you had to install one in your home.

But not this man in China – no, he’d rather do things his own way. Even if that means shuffling along the outside ledge of an eye-wateringly high apartment building and stepping over the gap while carrying the air-conditioning unit all by himself.

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‘Look, Ma! No hands!’ Terrifying construction exploits in Asia 【Video】

Construction in any country is a dangerous job. Heavy machinery, dangerous tools, and simply unsafe conditions make such work less than ideal. But without it we wouldn’t have, well, pretty much anything. Still, we usually expect a certain amount of safety for our workers. Though that’s not always the case.

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