Sunshine City

The popular Night at the Aquarium: Lots of Sex exhibit returns to Tokyo’s Sunshine Aquarium

We bet you’ve never read the words “sexy” and “fish” in the same phrase before.

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New world record – Tokyo capsule toy shop will have more machines in one spot than anywhere else

Sunshine City set to shine even brighter with opening of Bandai Namco’s Gashapon Department Store.

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New Gengar and Litwick mousse cakes at Pikachu Sweets Cafe look both adorable and delicious

Which one would you choose? 

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Dive into a galaxy of jellyfish with Ikebukuro Sunshine Aquarium’s new Jellyfish Panorama【Photos】

An exhibit so soothing that it can literally put you to sleep.

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Like heights? 231-meter (758-foot) skyscraper in Tokyo opens a zipline course on its roof

Zipline of the Heavens promises to be hell on earth for anyone with a fear of heights.

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“Horror Aquarium” opens this autumn in Sunshine City, Tokyo

Experience a new breed of terror this autumn, but don’t tap on the glass! It’ll scare the fish.

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A Cool Sight for the Hot Summer! See Penguins Fly – at a Rooftop Aquarium in the Middle of Tokyo

Okay, is everyone ready for summer? You may already have vacation plans, but if you’re going to be in Tokyo this summer, you may want to consider visiting the Sunshine Aquarium in the Ikebukuro area. Why? Because you’ll be able to see “flying penguins” there this summer! Read More