Japanese Students Create Robotic “Fulfillment Coat” Which Simulates Hugs from Behind

Japanese video sharing site NicoNico every once in a while holds a new invention that captures the imagination. Who could forget the auto targeting waste basket or the robot hand that can work a calculator?

The field of robotics has taken another leap with the development of a robot which gives mankind what all machines should: hugs!

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Chinese Kindergarten Offers Premium Package: Two Hugs a Day for Kids of Paying Parents

Recently a kindergarten in Yangzhou has caused a stir for practicing capitalism at its finest.  Parents who pay an optional monthly fee can provide their young emotionally malleable child with hugs from their teacher twice a day.

The friend of one student’s parent poster about the pricing plan to the internet when they found out about it. As a result, the school has been put under investigation for unethical conduct.

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