Mocolle’s crowdfunding hit parade keeps on going with four beautiful new “loose hakama” outfits.

Japanese fashion brand Mocolle’s name is a mash-up of the Japanese word mousou and the English “collection.” Mousou can translate as “fantasy,” but also as “delusion,” so it’s not so surprising that Mocolle’s offerings often have a decidedly sexy vibe to them, such as with its Shinto shrine maiden swimsuit and bunny lingerie.

At other times, though, Mocolle keeps things chastely creative, like with its recent gothic Lolita maternity wear. The label’s newest creation doesn’t need to rely on plenty of exposed skin either, as its new line of retro Japanese roomwear looks great without being revealing.

Based on a series of drawings from artist Shun Aragi, the Yuru Hakama is a loose-fitting outfit that simulates the look of a retro kimono and billowy hakama pants. Since Mocolle is all about selling fantasies, it’s even gone to the effort to create distinct personalities for each of the four anime-style illustrated spokesmodels.

▼ The chrysanthemum-pattern roomwear girl is a bibliophile

▼ The camelia lass has a thing for old-fashioned songs and music.

▼ Miss Sakura is a bit of a tomboy, but in a charming way.

▼ And finally, the wearer of the morning glory outfit loves to offer visitors to her home the hospitality of a freshly brewed cup of tea.

▼ Despite their purportedly personalized personalities, each girl is portrayed by cosplayer Kuroneko.

As with many of Mocolle’s ventures, the all-cotton Yuru Hakama roomwear is starting out as a crowdfunding campaign on website Campfire. Also, as with many of the company’s projects, it’s thoroughly smashed its goal, having currently raised more than 3.8 million yen (approximately US$34,500) after setting an initial goal of one million yen. In other words, if these outfits look like something you’d like to lounge around the house in, instead of worrying if Mocolle will get the funds it needs to put them into production, the thing to worry about is them running out before you get yours. Thankfully the garments are still available here through Campfire, with prices starting at 8,640 yen.

Source: Campfire via Japaaan
Images: Campfire