GoPro on sushi conveyor belt accidentally gives beautiful peek into normal Japanese life【Video】

The most engrossing seven-minute video of nothing happening you’ll probably ever watch.

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Embassy of Japan in Afghanistan helps transform once arid desert into lush paradise 【Pics】

Japan and Afghanistan – two countries that you wouldn’t normally imagine to have an especially good relationship, or indeed any relationship at all. But in truth they get along pretty well. The Japanese embassy in Afghanistan assists in a wide variety of projects, from anti-terrorism security to investing in education to funding hospitals.

And there’s one other thing they do that’s a little unique: helping to transform the Afghanistan landscape from a barren desert into a beautiful oasis.

The results of their efforts are truly amazing. You have to see the pictures to believe the difference that they’ve made in just a few short years.

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France vs Taiwan: Which country has more warm-hearted and helpful citizens?

Earlier this month, YouTube user NorniTube uploaded a controversial video of a social experiment which looked at how a person’s appearance can affect the responses they get from the general public. One two different days, he pretended to collapse on a Paris street to see if anyone would come to his aid, on one occasion wearing shabby clothes, on the other dressed in a smart suit. (We’ll leave you to watch the video to find out how it went!)

After watching NorniTube’s video, YouTuber Hei Nan decided to test the reactions of his fellow Taiwanese citizens by doing a similar experiment on the streets of his city. Were the Taiwanese more or less likely to help out that the Parisians in NorniTube’s video? Find out after the jump!

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