Nintendo announces new Switch RPG from the developers of the world-famous Pokémon series

Expectations are high as the world anticipates another quality release.

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How many members you should put in your RPG party, according to Japanese gamers

Japanese gamers weigh in on what prime party member number makes or breaks their RPG experience.

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Dragon Quest XI’s main protagonist’s outfit may reveal a spoilery secret origin

Common knowledge to basically anyone conceivably reading this website, Japan is responsible for two of the world’s biggest, longest-running and most well-known console RPG seriesFinal Fantasy and Dragon Quest. While both have historically featured similar gameplay (random enemy encounters, turn-based battles and the like), the two series are distinct enough that many JRPG fans prefer either one or the other series.

While Dragon Quest has evolved into a kind of cutesy, anime-inspired, all-ages RPG series, for example, Final Fantasy has always taken a more adult tack. And while each game in the Final Fantasy series takes place in a totally distinct universe from other entries, the games of the Dragon Quest series are at least loosely related to one another, making some interesting and sometimes dark game-to-game connections evident to observant players.

And one such dark connection may be hiding in plain sight in the upcoming Dragon Quest XI’s promotional materials.

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Play video games, learn Japanese: Crowdfunded JRPG “Koe” reaches its goal with cash to spare

I’ve always maintained that, while the method may work for a very lucky few, drilling lists of words and kanji characters is like trying to commit blocks of random numbers to memory – that is to say painfully hard work, time-consuming, and not in the least bit natural or fun. Rather, a better way to approach language learning is to encounter words in context so as to easier form cognitive connections and assimilate them into that which we already know.

So when I stumbled upon Koe, an upcoming role-playing game designed to help people learn Japanese as they play, I couldn’t help feeling a twinge of excitement.

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Eight tracks from JRPGs that Japanese gamers just can’t stop listening to 【Videos】

Play an RPG from start to finish and it often feels like completing a heroic journey. With some modern games taking 30+ hours to complete, that journey is vastly longer than the average movie, so it’s not surprising that players often become emotionally attached to the characters they met along the way and the game world they explored, and hearing a song that has some association with that game can bring memories and feelings flooding back. Japanese role-playing games are known for their somewhat epic qualities, and like to tug at players’ heartstrings like few other genres would ever dare, striving to evoke feelings of attachment, empathy and nostalgia in the player to the point that they begin to associate certain games with particular periods in their life.

With that in mind, here’s a list of eight songs from JRPGS – with videos no less – that Japan’s gamers say they will never tire of listening to and have a special place in their hearts.

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