macho cafe

Muscle Men Making Macho Mochi Must Mean Magnificent Memories!

Do you like hunky, muscle-bound men and mochi? Then we have the perfect event for you!

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The muscles are back: Macho man idol group makes their debut in Shibuya

Those of you who were excited after hearing about the Macho Cafe opening in the Shibuya neighborhood of Tokyo in April will be thrilled to hear about this new idol music group who just made their debut this week. The group is composed entirely of, you guessed it- macho men!

Can’t get enough of those rippling pectorals? Well there’s plenty for you here.

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Eggs served with a side of biceps? Check out the Macho-Cafe opening next month in Tokyo

If you visit Japan, you’re bound to come across any of a number of establishments catering to men, from maid cafes, to “girls bars” and hostess clubs. But not to worry, ladies, there’s lots of fun to be had for you too, and you’re especially lucky if you have a fondness for men with a bit more in the muscle department, because next month a Macho Cafe will be opening in Tokyo, and it’s exactly what you’d expect it to be.

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