“Let me hold that for you!” Unadvertised but surprisingly useful ways to use wooden mannequins

Even if you’ve never owned a wooden drawing mannequin, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen one before. These figures with movable limbs are generally used as refrence tools for drawing the human form and poses, but they can be surprisingly useful when it comes to decluttering and organizing your desk too! Check out what these Twitter users have been using their drawing mannequins for!

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Breakthrough in Plastic Bag Technology Promises a More Stable Future

Plastic shopping bags are one of those things that haven’t been improved on since… ever?  Sure there have been attempts to improve their biodegradability, but that’s hardly the limit to their inherent weaknesses.

This is especially well-known in Japan where premade soups and bentos fly off the shelves of supermarkets and convenience stores like premade hotcakes.  Using a traditional plastic bag to carry a curry rice bento always gets tilted onto its side so that it ends up looking like a crime scene when you get it home.  You’re luck if the curry actually stays inside the container.

Lunch Vehicle may be the answer to this problem, taking plastic bags to the next level with its innovative design which has been influenced by tried and tested heavy industry techniques.

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