Millennium Falcon

Japanese Star Wars fan builds amazing levitating Millennium Falcon model【Video】

No strings or CG here; it’s all science and craftsmanship.

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Create your own Millennium Falcon with this incredible weekly build-it-yourself model kit!

A little while ago, we reported on the moving, life-size R2-D2 refrigerator, which we thought was pretty darn cool. And now, it looks like we’ve found another amazing Star Wars item that’s sure to make fans’ mouths water. It’s a 1/43-scale model of the iconic Millennium Falcon, and the detail is unbelievable!

This impressive Star Wars collector’s item is actually a huge project to undertake, as you’ll be building it yourself with the parts made available in weekly installments from Japanese publisher DeAGOSTINI, known for their wide range of serial collectible magazines.  And just how big an undertaking is this Millennium Falcon series meant to be? Well, you’ll want to be prepared for some long-term commitment, because it’ll take you about two years to complete!

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