Studio Ghibli reveals surprising secrets hidden in My Neighbour Totoro

Director Hayao Miyazaki shares a number of revelations, including the real reason why there’s only one girl in the Totoro poster.

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Cosplayers pull off touching recreation of sisters Mei and Satsuki from My Neighbor Totoro【Pics】

Pair perfectly recreates look of the human stars of the beloved Studio Ghibli anime.

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“Otoko no ko” Satsuki tells her story, explains how Japan’s hospitals aren’t trans-ready

We’ve seen several gender stereotype-destroying otoko no ko (girl-boys) recently, from Kaoru Ishima who models as both a man and a woman, to Nong Poy the stunning transgender Thai actress.

The latest otoko no ko to take the internet by storm is Satsuki, a transgender woman who has a large online following, and has undergone sex reassignment surgery – a rarity in Japan. She blogs about her experience transitioning from a man to a woman, explaining her conflicts with Japan’s medical system, and how she eventually abandoned it altogether.

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