Devastatingly cute otters strike again — this time they’re just little babies!【Pics and videos】

All right, we admit that here at RocketNews24, we’re more than slightly fond of otters, simply for no other reason than that they’re, well … just so darn cute (and even more so when you can actually shake hands with them)! And, yes, we know we recently brought to you an otter-related story about the 33-hour live-feed internet otter-cam broadcast, but now, some pictures have come out of Taiwan that are so devastatingly adorable that we simply couldn’t bear not to share them with you. So, without further ado, here are the two baby otters who were brought to the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan about a month ago, whose pictures we suspect have been causing many squeals of delight around the world. Now, look at them and tell us they don’t completely melt your hearts!

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